Scientific publication about Quartierstrom project

What energy exchange projects based on Blockchain are underway or have already been implemented? What ideas are they pursuing and what market mechanism is behind them? The “Quartierstrom” research team from ETH Zurich and the University of St. Gallen investigated this question in order to develop the concept for the local electricity market in Walenstadt. In a comprehensive literature study, they identified and analysed 11 academic research projects and 5 industrial projects. The results of this research were published in a scientific article at the end of September.
In addition, the researchers describe the design of the blockchain-based energy market in Walenstadt, the underlying market mechanism and the technical specifications.

Anselma Wörner presented the article at the conference “Energy Informatics” in Salzburg. Now the publication is freely accessible:
Wörner, A., Meeuw, A., Ableitner, L. et al., Trading solar energy within the neighborhood: field implementation of a blockchain-based electricity market, Energy Inform (2019) 2(Suppl 1): 11.

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