Switzerland’s first local electricity market

A lighthouse project funded by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy paves the way for the future electricity supply.

The basic idea behind Quartierstrom is that locally produced electricity should be locally consumed. To this end, a local electricity market is built in the pilot region of Walenstadt, allowing the 37 participating households to buy and sell locally produced solar electricity in their neighborhood.

Live data from the local electricity market

See what has been going on in the past 24 hours. Check Live Data for more detailed data.

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Datenflut und Energieschleuder?

Eine Blockchain verbraucht enorm viel Strom – eine Kritik, die oft zu hören ist. Nutzt Quartierstrom eine energieintensive Technik, obwohl das Projekt das Management von...


Scientific publication about Quartierstrom project

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Weiterhin hohe Eigenversorgung

Rückblick auf die Quartierstrom-Daten im August Wie im Vormonat konnte die Quartierstrom-Gemeinschaft 45 Prozent ihres Stromverbrauchs aus lokalen Quellen decken. Im August wurde 1000 kWh...


The Quartierstrom project is supported by the pilot, demonstration and lighthouse program of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE).